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TTAP is the professional organization representing Psychologists in Trinidad and Tobago. Our mission is to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of psychology, and our objectives are:

  • To increase knowledge of psychology in the interest of general human welfare and development

  • To promote and protect the general and professional welfare of psychologists

  • To promote the enactment of legislation relating to the professional practice of psychology and to speak on behalf of psychologists with regard to legislative action

  • To maintain and improve the standards of ethical conduct and proficiency in the practice of psychology through a Code of Ethics

  • To support continuing education and research in the field of psychology through publications, seminars, workshops and other related activities.

  • To represent and speak on behalf of psychologists with allied professional, governmental and non-governmental groups and the public.

  • To represent Trinidad and Tobago psychologists in local and international bodies.

  • To maintain a database of practicing psychologists with any additional information appropriate to public interest.

YES! TTAP was incorporated by an Act of Parliament no. 84 of 2000 and is recognized by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as the professional association representing psychologists in Trinidad and Tobago.

No. You are free to access any information that we have on our site. Additional details about individual members can be attained through contact with them.

We keep an updated listing of all of our current members on our site.

Sure! We have provided a list of our members that we hope you would find the right fit from.

TTAP is careful about doing checks on all of our members when they first join. We make sure that their qualifications are valid and if we are made aware of unethical practices we would desist from endorsing them on our site.

We’ve written a great post about this on our blog. Check it out here.

While both Psychiatrists and Psychologists treat mental health problems, their approaches differ. A major difference between Psychiatry and Psychology is that Psychiatry is a branch of medicine. As such, Psychiatrists often prescribe medicine to persons experiencing mental health challenges, while Psychologists tend to engage in talk therapies and other non-medicinal, psychotherapeutic interventions.

TTAP’s individual members are able to help you with your mental health problems. To access this help, simply click on our ‘find a psychologist’ link where you will find a list of psychologists, along with their areas of specialization and contact information. Once you’ve chose one that you think would suit you, feel free to make contact with them and discuss ways in which they can help you.


The requirements differ slightly based on the type of membership that you are seeking. To become a full member of TTAP you must have a B.A., B.Sc. or higher degree in Psychology from an institution that is recognized by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) or any equivalent accrediting body in Trinidad and Tobago. A completed application form and payment of the application fee are also basic requirements. There are other categories of membership that have different requirements, such as student member, affiliate member, affiliate group member, fellow and graduate associate. You can find out details about each of these membership categories here.

Membership with TTAP is required for many governmental appointments and contracts that psychologists apply for. As a member, you gain credibility and recognition as a recognized and credible mental health professional in Trinidad and Tobago. We also provide referrals to our members as we receive requests for services daily. See our list of benefits here.

Psychologists are not legally required to be registered with TTAP, however because it is necessary for insurance purposes, many of the reputable ones are.

The cost for membership varies depending on your membership category. You can find the current rates here.


There are Organisational psychologists, EAP providers, and other specialists registered with TTAP that may be of service to you depending on your business’ unique needs. Check out our member listing and make contact with a psychologist that may suit your needs.

TTAP hosts workshops and talks for the public yearly. These are sometimes free to the public and other times we charge a fee in order to raise funds for projects aimed at helping others. As an association we do not accept proposals to develop and administer private organizational training programs but some of our members do. You may check our member listing to connect with one that may suit your needs, or you may email our secretary at [email protected] for a referral. If you are interested in our trainings and events stay tuned to our Facebook page.

As an association TTAP does not take on such projects but we do provide a list of professionals who would. Check out our member listing and make contact with a psychologist that may suit your needs.