Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists (TTAP) is the professional organisation representing Psychologists in Trinidad and Tobago. The genesis of the TTAP dates back to March 15th, 1962. Our goal then and now has always been to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of psychology and to establish ourselves as the main professional association representing psychologists in Trinidad and Tobago. TTAP was incorporated by an Act of Parliament no. 84 of 2000.

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For the Psychological Advancement of Trinidad & Tobago


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To increase knowledge of psychology in the interest of general human welfare and development.

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To promote and protect the general and professional welfare of psychologists.

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To promote the enactment of legislation relating to the professional practice of psychology and to speak on behalf of psychologists with regard to legislative action.

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To maintain and improve the standards of ethical conduct and proficiency in the practice of psychology through a Code of Ethics.

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To support continuing education and research in the field of psychology through publications, seminars, workshops and other related activities.

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To represent and speak on behalf of psychologists with allied professional, governmental and non-governmental groups and the public.

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To represent Trinidad and Tobago psychologists in local and international bodies.

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To maintain a database of practicing psychologists with any additional information appropriate to public interest.


The Executive

The executive is voted into office on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in November.

Executive Positions include:

Immediate Past President
President Elect
Assistant Secretary
Public Relations Officer

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The Subcommittees
TTAP Members are invited to serve on the following subcommittees

To develop and maintain a database of membership, qualifications and specialties
To recruit new members
To produce an annual membership directory

Ethics and Licensure
To review and update the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for all members and encourage the upholding of standards in the Code of Ethics
To develop and issue criteria and licensure and certification
To lobby for professional rights and privileges of psychologists so that they can provide a full range of services to their clients

Public Interest
To provide a psychological perspective on social issues
To educate the public
To engage in Community Outreach (including the issuance of public statements)

Professional Development
To provide opportunities for continuing education for the membership on a quarterly basis
To develop and maintain a list of professional supervisors

Research and Publication
To develop a local database of research

Past Presidents Interactive Zone

Enjoy a quick journey through TTAP's complex and fascinating history. See the people who helped to make TTAP the organization it is today. Learn interesting history and meet the ground breakers of Trinidad and Tobago psychology... the TTAP past presidents.


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April 26th 1996 – Passing of a constitution

May 1996 – Election of first Executive

October 2000 – Legal incorporation of TTAP

2008 – Trauma Treatment Program launched; 3 month ITTP training in Olympia, Washington

2010 – 10th Anniversary Celebrations:- Socials, TTAP commemorative magazine, and workshops

2011 – 20112: Trauma Team deals with disaster areas, Troumacaque (fire) and Diego Martin/Maraval landslides

2014 – TTAP hosts ‘Conscious Discipline’ workshop and posts their stance on corporal punishment.

2014 – TTAP becomes a member of CANPA and TTGPA and signs MOU with ACTT.

2015 – TTAP gains segment on GISL/TV4 – Psychology Live! Mondays at 6:30 p.m.

2017 – February: TTAP Conference on Inclusivity – Children and Adolescents with Mental Illness and Special needs at the EWMSC, Mt. Hope.

2018 – July: 1st. Annual Social – Trinidad Hilton – Guest Speaker – The Hon. Bridgid Annisette – George. Speaker of the House. Parliament (see more here)

2019 – May: Partnership with IASP - International Association for Suicide Prevention in hosting 3rd. Caribbean Regional Symposium on Suicide Prevention in Trinidad. Theme: Different Culture, One Aim: Suicide Prevention. President (2017-2019) invited to be a Plenary Speaker.

2019 – July: 2nd. Annual Social – Tribute to Past Presidents of TTAP (see video) – Guest Speaker – Dr. Indera Sagewan. Economist.

2019 – September: Suicide Awareness Month – Light a Candle Public Awareness Campaign.

2020 – March 24th: launch of the CIT Hotline – Crisis Intervention Team of 18 psychologists engaged in free public Crisis counselling via phone and social media services, during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 – May: World Health Organization (WHO) through its MHIN – Mental Health Innovation Network- recognizes TTAP’s intervention for the Spanish migrant population in TT – Production of a COVID-19 video on Coping Strategies in Spanish

2020 – May-June: 6-part TV Interviews on TTT. The effects of COVID-19 with a focus on Relationships; Teenagers; Coping Strategies; Aging; Work.

2020 – September: Launch of TTAP’s Virtual Mental Health Platform Series (VMHPS) held on the first Sunday of every month from 5.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

2020 – December 16th: TTAP was incorporated as an NPO under the Companies Act, 1995 of Trinidad and Tobago.

2021 – January: Official launch of the Mental Health Psychosocial Support Network of Services (MHPSS) of Trinidad and Tobago of which TTAP is a part. Launched as Findcarett


April, 2016 - An Inquiry into the current level of violence among students in schools with particular focus on physical and cyber bullying. Member representation and paper submitted.

November, 2017 – An inquiry into the state of mental health services and facilities in Trinidad and Tobago. Member representation and paper submitted.

March, 2019 – SSC – Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill. Member representation and paper submitted.

June, 2019 - An inquiry into the prevalence of teenage pregnancy and the state's capacity to minimise the occurrence of teenage pregnancy and provide services and assistance to teenage parents. Member representation and paper submitted.

2019 – Free public seminars on Suicide Prevention.
Workshops done in schools and organizations on Team Building; Stress Management

April 2020 – The Ministry of Education’s strategies for ensuring continuity in the delivery of Education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Paper submitted.

2020 - Rights for Children and Youth Partnership (RCYPTT) – Interviews hosted by SALISES, UWI and facilitated by the TTAP Executive 2020.

Ongoing: Articles written in the 3 dailies – Express, Newsday and Guardian, and the Catholic News, to highlight mental health issues by members of TTAP. 2017 -2020: To date, more than 25 articles written and published.

Individual members are feature columnists with local newspapers, and appear regularly on local television, discussing relevant psycho-social issues impacting the country.

Media consults with individual members on national and psychosocial concerns. 

For an updated list of TTAP activities see the TTAP blog


The Ministry Of Health

Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA)

International Association For Counselling (IAC)

Trinidad & Tobago Group of Professional Associations Ltd (TTGPA)


IASP – International Association for Suicide Prevention (Australia)

MHIN – Mental Health Innovation Network (WHO)

Soroptimist Club (South)

Mental Health Psychosocial Support Network of Services (MHPSS) Findcarett.com

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