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Our current financial member listing shows all persons who have been approved as TTAP members and who are in good financial standings with the organization. This list includes Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers and various other types of mental health professionals in Trinidad and Tobago. To search you can either click the letter that corresponds to their first name, type in their first OR last name and click search, or just click “ALL” and scroll through the listed names.

Financial Directory

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There are currently 89 Names in this directory
Aisha Perry

Allison Ransome Lemessey

Allison Wilson Thompson

Althea Francis Syriac

Amanda Pedro

Analisa Wittet

Andrea A Gaymes-Mohess

Angelic Lezama-Clement

Anna Maria McCartney

Anna Maria Mora

Arlene Amann Maximay

Ayana Bacchus

Britteney Cayenne

Brittny Hamilton

Camille Campbell

Chanel De Freitas

Claire Peters

Dana Nero

Deborah Gibran

Deborah Lee Riviears

Denise Dumas Koylass

Denise Jittan Johnson

Dianne Habib

Dr. Arianne Shepherd

Dr. Dianne Douglas

Dr. Dionne Imara

Dr. Germaine Bovell-Pitt

Dr. Karen Moore

Dr. Karine Clay

Dr. Katija Khan

Dr. Krystal Jane Verasammy

Dr. Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor

Dr. Merisha Seepersad

Dr. Peter Weller

Dr. Priya Maharaj

Dr. Saran Looby

Dr. Sean Stephens

Dr. Stacy Murray Ogiste

Edla Bourne

Giselle Dumas

Greisy Gonzales

J'elle Valdez

Jacqueline Kennedy Benn

Jade Jagroop

Jael Kristen Davis

Jean Alexander Waldron

Jefferson Jurawan

Jennifer Wears

Justyn Frost

Kanchan Khemchandani

Kelly Mc Farlane

Khelan Raghoobar

Laura Lalla

Lena Jogie

Lenore Winchester

Luscia Kanneh

Manisha Padarat

Marcia Tappin Boxhill

Marilyn Trumpet

Marion Kent

Melissa Simon

Michelle McIntyre

Milca Reid

Mitzi Hall Denny

Nadiege Honore-Wellington

Nicholas Voisin

Pamela McDonald Hyman

Rainah Seepersad

Raquel Matthews

Raymond Popplewell

Renessa Kangalee

Reycine McKenzie

Ronald Auguste

Sally Ann Bharat

Sarah Fernandez

Saundra Applewhite- Hernandez

Shani Friday

Sharda Singh Plummer

Sherry Ann Turton

Shivana Hosein

Steve Bailey

Tahirah Alexander

Tara Bishop

Terese Seegobin

Timothy Charran

Tyneille Graham

Vicky De Freitas

Victoria Siewnarine- Geelalsingh

Wendy Jeremie

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