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Our current financial member listing shows all persons who have been approved as TTAP members and who are in good financial standings with the organization. This list includes Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers and various other types of mental health professionals in Trinidad and Tobago. To search you can either click the letter that corresponds to their first name, type in their first OR last name and click search, or just click “ALL” and scroll through the listed names.

Financial Directory

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There are currently 96 Names in this directory
Aisha Perry

Alicia Williams

Allison Ransom-Lemessy

Allister Sandy

Amanda Ali

Amanda Pedro

Analisa Wittet (Dr)

Angelique Kirton (student)

Anna Maria Mc Cartney

Anna Maria Mora [Hon]

Anne John

Ariella Mendez

Belinda White

Breon Mullings

Britteney Cayenne

Camille Campbell

Camille Quamina

Celeste Dass

Charles Collier

Cheryl Lewis (Dr)

Cheyvonne Cyrus-Williams

Christiana Mitchell

Dalini Ragoonanan

Dana Marie Greaves

Danielle Francois

Denise Dumas Koylass

Denise Jittan-Johnson

Dennise Demming

Dianne Douglas (Dr)

Dionne Imara (Dr)

Dominic Martin

Donicia Phillip-Pierre

Edla Bourne

Elise Pope

Gail Figaro

Gervan Arneaud

Grace Bala (née Sooknanan)

Greisy Gonzales

Gwenyth Bleasdell

Hanif Benjamin

Idrees Hosein

Isabelle Van der Steen

Isolde Ali Ghent

Jael Davis

Jean Alexander-Waldron

Karen Moore (Dr)

Karine Clay (Dr)

Katija Khan (Dr)

Keith LeQuay (Dr) [Hon]

Kelly Mc Farlane

Kera Hosein

Kerna Faustin

Khadine Ali

Krystal- Jane Verasammy (Dr)

Lara Baden-Sempa

Laura Lalla

Liza Parsanlal

Lydia Mouget

Marcia Tappin-Boxill

Marius Alfred

Marsha Cross-Springer

Matthew De Bique

Nadiege Honore-Wellington

Nicholas Voisin

Pamela McDonald-Hyndman

Patricia Williams

Priya Maharaj (Dr)

Priya Ramdial

Rainah Seepersad

Renee Byer

Renessa Kangalee

Rona Heather Hollingsworth (Dr.)

Saieshwari Singh

Samara Hosein-Uhlir

Sapna René Ramsumair (student)

Sasha Baldeosingh

Sean Stephens (Dr)

Shani Friday

Sharon Bermudez

Shivana Hosein

Sindy Seebransingh

Stacey Gomez

Steve Bailey

Tahirah Alexander

Tahirah Ramsook

Taylor Lutchman

Terese Seegobin

Tiffany George

Tynisa Hudlin-George

Veshana Samdath

Vicky De Freitas

Victoria Siewnarine- Geelalsingh

Vishal Boodram

Waveney Richards [Hon]

Wendell Scantlebury (Dr)

Yanase Figaro

Group Memberships

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There are no entries in this directory at the moment

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