The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists’ conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Inclusivity, held April 25th 2018 welcomed many professional groups and individuals to partake in discussions about the services and resources available to children who experience psychological, physical and learning differences. The event’s panel featured members of various organisations such as the Dyslexic Association, The Children’s Authority, The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education to name a few. It is the association’s hope that an event such as this would not only highlight and lead to solutions to the gaps in necessary services, but that it marks the beginning of a new culture of collaboration and knowledge of what works in the best interest of our children; A culture of people that are sensitive to, understanding of, and knowledgeable about all the needs of our children and effective ways in which these needs can be met. Advocacy and awareness bring about the changes that we need. The event was a huge success and the association wishes to extend their sincerest gratitude to all of our gracious panelists, sponsors, student volunteers, members and participants for their dedication and support of this imperative initiative. Thank you for doing your part.

See more photos of this event HERE

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The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists is the Association representing Psychology and its practitioners in Trinidad and Tobago.

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