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Qualifications: Ph.D., Psychology, Respecialisation in Clinical Psychology (post-doctoral programme)
Profession: Clinical Child Psychologist
Target Group: Children and adolescents up to age 19, Family
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered:Child abuse evaluations, custody and access evaluations for Court, parent education, trauma work, esp. child sexual abuse
Office Address: #14 Hilltop Drive, Champs Fleurs
Contact Number: 662-2082
Email Address: For scheduling appointments: [email protected]; For confidential client communications and other confidential material: [email protected]
Additional Info: School visits as required, home visits as part of custody evaluations.  Monday - Thursday only (Friday afternoons available only outside of school terms)

Keywords: custody evaluation/family court, sexual abuse, school visits


Qualifications: PhD, MHsa. MEd, MA.
Profession:Clinical and Educational Psychologist
Target Group: Children, Adolescents, Family, Adults Couples
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Cognitive behavioural therapy; Dyslexia Screening and LDs; Educational Assessments; Professional Development workshops (schools/organizations), EAP services
Office Address: Higher Potential for Learning. #3 Carlos St. Couva
Contact Number: 702-528-1276 WhatsApp
Email Address: [email protected]
Additional Info: School Visits and Interventions

Keywords: Trauma, grief, educational assessment, dyslexia


Qualifications: Ph.D. Organizational Psychology
Profession: Organizational Psychologist
Target Group:Organizations, Private and State Companies, NGO's, Groups
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Organizational Sensemaking, Organizational and Leadership Development, Coaching, Group Dynamics and Processes, Psychometrics, HRM Supports, Employee Assistance Programs/Wellness
Office Address: N/A
Contact Number: 876-782-2980 (whatsapp) Skype: kwleqs
Email Address: [email protected]
Keywords: organizational, EAP, coaching


Qualifications: MSc Clinical Psychology, MSc Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology, Licensed Occupational Test Administrator
Profession: Clinical Psychologist, Organisational Psychologist, Performance Coach, Trainer
Target Group: Adolescents, Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Couples, Groups, Conflict Management, Leadership Development
Office Address: Nova Medical, D'abadie
Contact Number: 228-6184 (office), 763-3937 (mobile)
Email Address: [email protected]
Additional Info:
New Leaf CMC / MindQuility / LinkedIn Profile
Keywords: psycho-educational assessments, mood disorder, conflict management

Qualifications: (Psy. D), Counselling Psychology, M.Sc. Developmental Psychopathology
Profession: Counselling Psychologist
Target Group: Children (11-17 years), Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Clinical Issues: Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Interpersonal Relationship Difficulties, Personality Disorders, Child Sexual Abuse, School-Related Bullying, Self Harm, Suicide Ideation and PTSD. Additional training in Loss, Complicated Grief and Traumatic Bereavement.
Office Address: #40 Pasea Main Road, Tunapuna
Contact Number: 352-4233 (office) 352-4233 (mobile)
Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]
Additional Info: Group therapy and/or psycho-educational services offered for communities who have experienced trauma and symptoms associated with low mood, depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Keywords: Bereavement/Complicated Grief, bullying, suicide

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