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Qualifications: MA Counselling Psychology (specialization in Crisis and Trauma Intervention), Board Certified Mediator
Profession:Counselling Psychologist
Target Group: Children, Adolescents, Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Child and Youth Counselling, Student Development Programmes, Emotional and Behavioural Assessments, Interventions for Trauma, Anxiety and Stress, Workshop Facilitation and Coaching
Office Address: 11-13 Fitzblackman Drive, Port of Spain
Contact Number: 287-8545
Email Address: [email protected]
Additional Info: School Visits and Interventions

Keywords: mediator, trauma, assessment


Qualifications: Accredited Cognitive Behaviour and Dialectic Behaviour Psychotherapist (BABCP & SfDBT), EMDR therapy, MSc Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Profession: Psychotherapist
Target Group: Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Eating disorders, phobias, Anger management, Relationship difficulties, Drug and Alcohol abuse.
Office Address: N/A
Contact Number: +447768456845 (both face to face and telephone sessions offered including Skype)
Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]
Keywords: Eating disorders; EMDR; dialectical behaviour


Qualifications: M.A School Psychology
Profession: School Psychologist
Target Group: Children (6 yrs -19 yrs), Individuals, Family
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Psychological Assessments, School visits and educational and therapeutic groups, career assessments, psycho-educational assessment.
Office Address: 39 Bengal Street, St. James
Contact Number: 628-7866
Email Address: N/A

Keywords: school, assessment, group


Qualifications: Postgraduate Diploma in Mediation Studies, BSc Psychology
Profession: Guidance Counsellor
Target Group: Individuals, Children under 18yrs
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Guidance and Counselling, Home Visits.
Office Address: #318 Clotil Walcott Place, Phase 4-2, Malabar, Arima
Contact Number: 284-0502, 360-7970, 643-6036
Email Address: [email protected]
Keywords: guidance counsellor, home visits


Qualifications: M.Sc. Counselling
Profession: Professional Counsellor
Target Group: Adults; Couples
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: EMDR; CBT; REBT
Office Address: #6, Roedler Road, Piarco Gardens
Contact Number: 368-0415
Email Address: [email protected]
Keywords: EMDR; CBT


Qualifications: M. Sc. Counselling Psychology
Profession: Counselling Psychologist
Target Group: Children (from age 6), Adolescents, Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Counselling/Psycho-Therapy, Career Counselling, Psychological and Psycho-Educational Assessments
Office Address: Corner Bushe and Maloney Streets, Petit Bourg, San Juan
Contact Number: (868) 762-0719
Email Address: [email protected]
Keywords: counsellor, assessment


Qualifications: MA Counselling & Psychology, Dip. Clinical & Pastoral Counselling
Profession: Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach. (Member of United Kingdom Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapists)
Target Group: Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Crisis Intervention, Marriage & Family, Grief & Bereavement, Health & Wellness, Life Coaching
Office Address: #72A Drayton Street, San Fernando
Contact Number: 868-339-6675
Email Address: [email protected]


Qualifications: M.Sc. Counselling Psychology
Profession: Counselling Psychologist
Target Group: Children, Adolescents, Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Mediation, Bereavement Counselling,Trauma, Anxiety and Depression
Office Address: 121 Long Circular Road, Port of Spain
Contact Number: 352-6625
Email Address: [email protected]
Keywords: mediator, anxiety, depression


Qualifications: M.Ed, M.A. Counselling Psychology
Profession: Counselling Psychologist
Target Group: Adults and Adolescents from Diverse Cultural, Ethnic and Socio-Economic Backgrounds
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Counselling, Career Planning and Development, Parenting Education, Group Therapy for Adolescents
Office Address: 1B Mann Street, Arouca
Contact Number: 363-7948 / 752-7554
Email Address: N/A
Additional Info: Assists with organizing Vacation Camps for Children and Adolescents

Keywords: career, parenting, vacation camp


Qualifications: M.A Clinical Psychology, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Profession: Clinical Psychologist
Target Group: Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Mood Disorders, Anxiety, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Psychological Assessment
Office Address: 6 Francis Lau Street St. James
Contact Number: 308-8816
Email Address: [email protected]
Keywords: mood disorder, ptsd, eating disorder


Qualifications: M.Sc. Counselling Psychology
Profession: Counselling Psychologist
Target Group: Children, teens, adults, families, couples
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Youth counselling, Family therapy
Office Address: 11 Pinto Road, Arima
Contact Number: 320-1745
Email Address: aspirec[email protected] or [email protected]

Keywords: ---

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