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Qualifications: B.A in Business Administration, M.A in Educational Psychology with focus in Guidance and Counselling
Profession: Educational Psychologist
Target Group: Children and Adolescents
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Comprehensive Guidance Programmes (Ages 12-18), Reading Tutoring
Office Address: Balmoral Park, Chaguanas
Contact Number: 722-1565
Email Address:
Additional Info: N/A


Qualifications: Ph.D
Profession: Organizational Psychologist
Target Group: Any Organization, Private and State Companies, NGO's, Groups seeking development
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Organizational Sensemaking, Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Coaching, Improving Group Dynamics and Processes, Psychometrics, HRM Supports, Employee Assistance Programs/Wellness
Office Address: N/A
Contact Number: 876-782-2980 (watsapp) Skype: kwleqs
Additional Info: N/A


Qualifications: BA Psychology (hons), MSc Clinical Psychology, MSc Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology (merit), Certified Coach, Licensed Occupational Test Administrator
Profession: Clinical Psychologist, Organisational Psychologist, Performance Coach, Trainer
Target Group: Adolescents & Adults
Areas of Specialization/Services Offered: Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Couples, Groups, Performance, Conflict Management, Leadership Development
Office Address: Nova Medical, D'abadie
Contact Number: 221-5029 (office), 763-3937 (mobile)
Email Address:
Additional Info:
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